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[K-drama] Me Too, Flower! (2011)

Title: 나도, 꽃!/ Na-do, Kkot! / Me Too, Flower!
Also known as: I’m A Flower, Too
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-02 to 2011-Dec-22
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

A complex love story involving three women and one man.


Main Cast
Yoon Shi Yoon as Seo Jae Hee
Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Sun
Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young
Seo Hyo Rim as Kim Dal

Supporting Cast
Jo Min Ki as Park Tae Hwa
Lee Ki Kwang as Jo Ma Roo
Im Ha Ryong as Bae Sang Uk
Kim Ji Sook as Kim Do Mi
Lee Byung Joon as Team leader Kim
Son Il Kwon as whimsical Manager Lee
Jung Man Shik as Kim Do Gyun
Baek Seung Hee as Lee Young Hee

Production Credits
Director: Go Dong Sun
Screenwriter: Kim Do Woo

Actor Kim Jae Won was originally cast as Seo Jae Hee. However, he was replaced by Yoon Shi Yoon due to an injury during the first day shooting on 4 October 2011.


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Episode 1 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 2 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 3 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 4 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 5 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 6 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 7 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 8 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 9 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 10 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 11 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 12 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 13 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel)
Episode 14 – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel) ==> * NEW *
Episode 15 [END] – Viki | Darksmurf (HANrel) ==> * NEW *

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Episode 1 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 2 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 3 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 4 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 5 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 6 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 7 Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 8 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 9 Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 10 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 11 Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 12 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 13 – Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 14 Megaupload (HANrel)
Episode 15 [END] – Megaupload (HANrel)

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  1. I hope this would be a big hit!this is tak goo in baker king right?:))) I'm looking forward for this drama